Introduction of Energy R&D Center

R&D center implements the engineering, design, test drive and inspection of high efficiency-environmental friendly furnace together with development of the cutting edge technology such as Low Pressure Carburizing and Oxy-fuel burner.

Computer Simulation
  • CFD (Computational Fluid dynamics_Flow simulation)
  • FEM (Finite Elements Method_Solidworks simulation)
Ferro-alloy & Steel Making Plant Study
  • Demonstration of Thermo-chemically Enhanced Smart EAF Technology for Electrical Load Reduction (Smart EAF)
  • Refining technology to produce high quality ferro alloys (SAC-ORP)
  • Study of iron recovery technology contained in steelmaking slag using slag reduction furnace
  • Development of closed-type furnace for ferroalloys (e-FERA, eco-Friendly Ferro-alloy Electric-Reduction Assemble)
  • Eco-friendly plant engineering
ESCO Business
  • Total energy solution business encompassing ESCO system within the energy business facility,
    consultation of energy saving plan and design
Drying Module Process
  • High efficiency facility creating energy source by drying materials

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